WEARESEVENTEEN Create Visual Identity

Partizan Studio are excited to announce their talent weareseventeen’s visual identity package for the Sheba Hope Grows campaign by AMV BBDO, creating a bespoke animated typeface of organically growing coral simulated in 3D. Leading cat food brand SHEBA® have launched a new integrated global campaign with dramatic satellite images revealing a beacon of hope – the letters H-O-P-E spelled…
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Ensuring your Profoto strobes

Having trouble getting your Canon EOS R6 to work with your really expensive Profoto flashes? It may be your shutter mode. I owe Profoto an apology. I’ve owned the EOS R6 for almost a year now and I love the camera, but for the longest time it simply would not trigger my Profoto B1 and B2 strobes. I could…
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